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Melbourne Personal Injury Lawyer

Melbourne injury lawyer

When you leave your home and drive away in an automobile as a driver or passenger, you have the expectation that you will arrive at your destination safely. You will go about your day without any major problems and return to your residence.

Most likely, that is what a young man in Melbourne thought when he was driving to work. He recalls leaving his home. His next memory is of waking up in a hospital, confused and in pain. The recklessness of another driver had changed his life forever. The physical and emotional damage is now with him every day.

Thanks to his excellent Personal Injury/Car Accident lawyer, this young man has financial compensation that will allow him to have the ongoing care he needs to regain his health and try to get on with his life.

What if it were you or someone you love? What would you do if the unthinkable disrupted your plans and your life?

If you are in a car accident, your first steps are clear and straightforward:

  • Do not leave the scene.
  • Exchange information with the other party.
  • If there is property damage or the other party does not give their information – or worse, leaves the scene – you must call the police.

What might not be quite so clear or straightforward is how you may have been affected physically. Some injuries will be evident immediately. Others may show up only after time. That is why it is essential that you have a medical examination as soon as possible.

If there are injuries, your next step should be to contact a skilled Personal Injury/Car Accident lawyer.

It is true the Transport Accident Scheme (through the TAC) allows for a variety of no-fault benefits for people who are injured as a result of a transportation accident. However, because some of these benefits are limited, your next avenue for compensation is a common law claim.

To assist you through the process of receiving benefits through a common law claim, you should obtain the services of a skilled Melbourne personal injury lawyer. A common law claim is applicable when fault is assigned to another party. Also, your injuries must reach the level of “serious” per the guidelines in the Transport Accident Act.

If you are eligible for benefits through the common law claim, your Personal Injury/Car Accident attorney will also be able to file for a settlement for pain and suffering, as well as economic damages. Your experienced attorney will understand all the details and requirements found in the law.

While the hope is that you will never have to file such claims, if the situation should present itself, you must be ready to get the legal help that could make a difference in your physical and financial quality of life.

Personal Injury Lawyer Selection Tips

Selecting the right personal injury lawyer can be a daunting task. But with the right tips, this process can be a lot easier and will ensure that you receive maximum compensation that you are entitled to. So, how do you select the right personal injury lawyer? This brief article will bring you up to speed with top personal injury lawyer selection tips.

Effective Personal Injury Lawyer Selection Tips

Tip #1. Determine the type of injury

Road or car accidents are obvious types of injury. The collision will either cause physical or mental injury. However, if the injury occurs in a hospital, it isn’t so obvious and can’t be observed through physical inspection. However, it may impair the normal functioning of your body in future. Another type of injury might be caused by using defective products. Therefore, before engaging in the process of selecting the right personal injury lawyer, first, determine the type of injury you are suffering from.

Tip #2. Ask for referrals

Contact family, friends and colleagues to find out whether there might have any recommendations for you. If they have hired personal injury lawyers in the past, their experience can be of great help when selecting the best personal injury lawyer within your locality. Get to know why they preferred the lawyers, the process involved and the result.

Tip #3. Research

Start your research on the internet. The first website you can visit is can be the APIL (Association of Personal-Injury Lawyers). The site will offer you a great idea of where to start and whom to contact. Select lawyers who are closest to your location.

Tip #4. Make a list

Always prioritize lawyers who are close to your home. It is of particular importance as you shall be spending most of your time in the lawyer’s office. The additional travel cost will stretch your budget and you want to reduce all sorts of stress. Another benefit of selecting lawyers who are close to you is they are familiar with the local judicial system and people who will be involved in the case. This will increase the likely hood of you winning the case.

Tip #5. Schedule for interviews

Having come up with a list of prospective candidates, take some time to interview them for the task at hand. During the interview, make sure to ask relevant questions that will help you know your lawyer well. Some of the questions you can ask during the interview include;

1. What is his or her area of specialization?

Most lawyers specialize in different fields, but the best lawyers tend to specialize in one field. Having identified the type of injury case you want to pursue, select the lawyer who has specialized in the injury you are suffering from.

2. How long has he or she been practicing?

Experience is everything when it comes to law. Selecting a lawyer who knows what to look for and where to look for it can make a huge difference in your case. Lawyers with vast experience are the best choice to select.

Other questions you should consider asking during the interview include the following;

*How long the case might take

*What will be the cost?

*What is your assessment of the case?

Well, those are some of the useful personal injury lawyer selection tips up my sleeve. I hope the information has been of great use.

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